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Youth campaign and fundraising event


The year 2018 sees the seventy fifth anniversary of the end of the Battle of Stalingrad, the biggest battle in human history, which has shaped the world over the last seventy five years.



Stalingrad Remembers.


Stalingrad Heritage is marking this event with All Now Rest In The Bosom of Mother Russia, a ceramic flower installation representing all the nations which were involved in the conflict, to accompany the Stalingrad Reconciliation Festival. This is done with the blessing of Mr Pyotr Alkhutov, patron of Stalingrad Heritage, WW2 red army veteran defender of Mamaev Kurgan, Red October factory and Kursk, and soldier to capture Field Marshal von Paulus.


The Why Understand and Reflect youth campaign is to involve children and young people from across the world, to have a better understanding the causes of the conflict, its effects and the importance of remembrance.


The types of flowers used are reflective of the national flowers of the nations involved, whereas the number of flowers are reflective of the number of fallen combatants represented.


As the Second World War fades away from memory, the Why Understand and Reflect youth campaign is aimed at helping young people make meaning of it. We aim to achieve this through simple dialogue and reflection by young people, and asking the following simple questions.


1. What can nations do to make peace?

2. Why must we remember?

3. What can I do to make a difference?

4. What can I do to reconcile?


The campaign aims to involve schools and youth groups to activate forums and youth events at the Stalingrad Reconciliation Festival, to stimulate discussion, raise funds for their service charities in their respective countries.


It also includes:

• Tutorial videos, case studies and discussion forums

• Possibility of interacting with surviving veterans of different nations, having your questions directly answered.

• Detailed information of major battles, decisions and campaigns for those who want further knowledge.

• Visit to art exhibition of the Great Patriotic War