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Each day at the Avenue of Heroes at sunset, names of 200 Soviet and Axis troops killed during the war will be read out as part of the Roll of Honour, followed by the tune Traumerei Russian Choir. Any member of the public can nominate a name for the Roll of Honour using our lottery system, to be read out at the nightly ceremony throughout the duration of the festival.


Q. Can I pick a specific date on which name I requested is read out at the Roll of Honour?

A. Unfortunately, due to the volume involved, we are unable to offer a request service. However, we will allocate a date and let you know, so you can arrange if you will to be present. Video footage will be uploaded unto our site. All names read out are picked on a random basis.


Q. Do I need a service number in order to apply for the Roll of Honour?

A. No, however if you want to find external assistance in locating a service number, we suggest you contact one of the following websites:


Commonwealth - www.cwgc.org/find-war-dead.aspx

Germany - www.volksbund.de

USA - www.abmc.gov/

Russia- www.poklonnayagora.ru/

France- www.onac-vg.fr/fr/

Netherlands- www.oorlogsgravenstichting.nl/