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We deeply appreciate help from individuals or organisation in joining us in our fundraising campaign. Our campaign has been designed, with the sole purpose of raising enough funds to sponsor youth and veterans from the participating countries to the festival, the balance of unused funds will be allocated to the service charities from fundraisers respective countries.


Fundraisers will have to complete a registration form to obtain a fundraising pack and their own unique number. They will also receive a 10% management fee, to assist with their efforts. Some basic ways fundraisers can assist us in doing so are:


- The sale of our ceramic flowers

- The sale of wristbands and other memorabilia

- Telesales

- Encouraging businesses to do jobs on a pro bono basis for our cause


Also, at the end of festival, the parties who managed to raise the highest funds will be invited to an awards ceremony in Volgograd. All fundraisers will obtain a certificate signed by our patron for their assistance. Help us make history by becoming a fundraiser.







Our youth fundraising scheme is open to schools and youth groups worldwide. This will involve a group representative e.g. headteacher, youth administrator, registering on behalf of the group, so will be allocated the group’s unique number. 10% of funds raised by the group will immediately go to the school, group, or charity of their choice. The balance of all unused funds raised from the youth fundraising, also goes to support service charities in the respective countries.


Youth groups and schools participating in fundraising are also eligible for an invitation to participate in festival activities.