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When Will The Installation Take Place?

The installation will commence in July 2018, and will continue and grow until the ending of the Stalingrad Reconciliation Festival on 27 August 2018.


Which Countries Are Represented In The Flowers Installation?

All countries which declared war, or were attacked by an adversary, or suffered military casualties, are represented in the installation. Patriots from the respective countries can buy a flower to represent every casualty suffered. Each nation can be identified by its symbolic national flower.


How Do I Know National Flowers & Number Being Sold?

i. National Flowers used to represent countries are the usual ones used by the countries concerned as their floral symbols.


ii. The number of flowers being used is dependent on the number being bought. However, the number of flowers being sold for each country are capped to number of military casualties suffered during the conflict. There are many official estimates of casualties, but based on our research, floral symbols and numbers are stated in table below:






Where Will The Best Place View Be Of The Installation?

The flowers will be displayed all over the Volgograd selected parks. The best view will be by visiting the parks.


Can I Walk Amongst The Flowers?

No. However there will be many paths between the park monument, so you will get many chances to have a close view of the installation.


What Happens If I Have a Problem With My Order?

If there is a problem with respect to your order, email us at info@flowersofstalingrad.com, quoting your reference and problem, or call us on our relevant country number.


When Will I Receive My Flower?

Allow up to six weeks for delivery. Flowers ordered will be planted in reconciliation garden and sent at the end of festival. After installation, each one will be cleaned, packaged and posted. We expect all flowers to be sent to customers between 28 August 2018 to 30 September 2018, due to the volume involved. We will email you close to the delivery time.


What If My Order Is Broken, Incorrect, Or Does Not Come Through?

As stated earlier, email us on info@flowersofstalingrad.com, quoting your reference, or call any of our customer numbers, our team will look into any problem on your behalf, if need be, you will get a full refund.


Which Countries Do You Deliver To?

We will deliver to all countries across the world. See our Buy a Flower page for various countries postage and packaging costs.


Can I Buy Flowers of Different Countries Or More Than One?

Yes. There is no limit on number of flowers you can purchase, provided they are available. One can also buy of any listed country.


Are Any Discounts Provided?

Yes. However they are no quantity discounts given. Price discounts are given per packaging order.


Can I Cancel My Order?

Orders will only be eligible for cancellation if made within fourteen days of receipt of order.


What Will I Get With My Order?

Customers will get cleaned flower packaged, together with a signed certificate from our patron addressed to them. Also if military records of relevant nation records permit, the name and details of a soldier killed in action the flower represents.


Can I Resell Flowers?

Yes, by registering as a reseller. Resellers are to register when completing our application form, after which a unique code will be issued. A £5 commission is paid for every flower sold, quoting the unique code. Click here to register



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