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We are offering chance, for individuals and youth groups to have a week free trip to festival.  Random individuals will be chosen, if they indicate on flower order form they will like to take part in the festival lottery. Random youth groups will be selected, if they register as such, also meet relevant criteria.





The main criteria which need to be fulfilled in order to qualify are:


• Registration of school or youth group on reseller form

• Sale of minimum of 60 ceramic flowers

• The selection of representative group to stand in for school or youth group.


The main roles which will be played by youth groups are:


• Marching in opening parade

• Reading veteran letters

• Role playing

• Chaperone of veterans

• Presenting gifts

• Debating with other youth groups

• Interviewing veterans

• Team building exercises

• Planting ceramic flowers

• Attending reconciliation dinners



Register click here to visit festival website