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Mamaev Kurgan During the War


Mamaev Kurgan, which means ‘tumulus of mamai’ in Russian, is a dominant hill which straddles the city centre and Red October factory works in Volgograd, the former Stalingrad. Its summit marks the highest point in the city, therefore during the war it was of vital importance, as provided its occupiers with a panoramic view of the city, also the River Volga. It was marked height 102.0 on the Germans maps during the war, its slopes saw some of the bloodiest fighting in human history.


ceramic installation flowers

Facts about Mamaev Kurgan 


1. Seven days after its recapture, the German Sixth army completely capitulated in Stalingrad.

2. Over 35000 troops lost their lives on the hill.

3. Between 500 to 1250 fragments of metre were in every square metre of the hill. Till this day bodies and buried ammunition can be found on its slopes.

4. In 1948, the then Soviet leader Josef Stalin ordered a victory symbol erected in Stalingrad. Mamayev Kurgan was chosen as the obvious site with various monuments erected on its slopes, culminating with ‘The Motherland Calls’ statue at its summit. Today, it serves as one of the most important memorial complexes in the world.

Ceramic flowers ordered are going to be used in the art installation ‘All Now Resting In The Bosom of Mother Russia’, to mark the seventy fifth anniversary of the end of the Battle of Stalingrad, created with the blessing of Mr Pyotr Alkhutov, patron of Stalingrad Heritage, World War 2 veteran who captured Field Marshal Paulus. Each flower will progressively fill the parks of steppe around Volgograd in the shadow of the Mother Russia statue, till the end of the Stalingrad Reconciliation Festival.


The flowers will fill the parks around the Soviet statue, not only in remembrance of the amount of blood spilled on that piece of sacred ground; also to reflect the fact all fallen soldiers lay side by side, whether friends or foe. This garden is to set the whole theme of the Stalingrad Reconciliation Festival. Its scale is to reflect the joint suffering of humanity during this Earth’s greatest conflict, also the common destiny of mankind.


Our aim is to sell the flowers which make up the installation, as a result, enable us to raise millions from net proceeds, to be donated to selected service charities in all participating countries. See below some of the charities we proudly support in various countries.